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New Eco-Friendly NFC Card in Wooden material

These RFID wooden cards are eco-friendly version, which supports many kinds of materials like bamboo, Sapele, beech, basswood, maple, cherrywood, etc.  The inner component is recycled PET material with RFID chip and laminated with biodegradable wooden material. It is ideally applied for hotels, retail shops which are used for access control, cashless payments and promotions.  These wooden RFID cards are support customization like logo printing, number lasers, etc. GYRFID supply different RFID wooden cards with comprehensive chips like MIFARE, NTAG213, DESFire, etc.

Also available with customized shape RFID tags and RFID keyfobs made of wooden material.


Lockable RFID Bracelet for prison, hospital and school

WRS03 is designed for lock purpose in RFID field to use in Hospital, prison and school. This RFID bracelet is unable to be open by hand, only via special tools. The material of this lockable wristband is rubber, flexible type. It can support different RFID chips or NFC chips.



This RFID leather wallet with RFID shielding material, can prevent the card information disclosure, Anti-theft brush, Anti magnetic ,Anti scanning, protection of information security.Shielding close distance NFC,RFID signals, and protects the card data information from being read and copied. However, if the transaction terminal or card itself has been hacked, you can not guarantee this protection.Suitable for smart IC chips with credit cards, debit cards , Network cards and access cards.


NFC Reader/Writer

This series of NFC R/W Reader can read ISO14443A, B and ISO18092 standard cards。It realizes connection with the PC machine and associated equipment through RS232 serial interface or USB port or TCP/IP interface. Drive development kits of various platforms are provided together with the machine; attached demonstration programs realize all functions of the access radio frequency card.
It is the development of non-contact card related applications and systems integration necessary front-end processing equipment. Its rich, perfect Interface communication function, widely used in smart card management application systems.

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NFC Mouse Pad for promotion gifts

NFC mouse pad is designed for promotion and office daily using. NFC mouse pad is made of environmentally friendly rubber material, non-toxic and odourless. Mouse pad with NFC function can be programmed with company website, contact information, text ID or other links information. Mouse pad can also support logo printing and QR code printing on.


RFID Mini Card Reader for Android smartphone

The GY-R65 RFID reader is a kind of contactless reader which support on android smartphone without any driver. The RFID Tags information can be directly output to mobile phone through this RF reader. The advantage is compact size and easily carrying. GY-R65D supports 125Khz EM format card reading; GY-R65C supports 13.56Mhz ISO14443A standard RFID like MIFARE® Classic 1K, MIFARE® Ultralight®, NTAG213, NTAG216, MIFARE® Desfire® 4K etc.



Microfiber phone screen sticky cleaner

Microfiber sticky smartphone screen cleaner is made of microfiber and PU or silicone gel, it can be stick on to glass or screen surface, then removable for many times. Microfiber sticky cleaner is widely used for phone screen cleaning, cd cleaning, camera lenses cleaning, and sunglass cleaning. The screen cleaner is ideally for promotion and exhibition gifts distribution with logo and QR code printed on.

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Successful Cartes Expo

Cartes is the biggest Festival in card industry in the worldwide. GYRFID have a successful show during the exhibition. This year was quite memorable as it was special for Paris.  Thanks for all staffs effort ! Thanks for the customer’s visiting of us !



KES03 Ear Shape RFID Keyfobs with NFC chip

KES03 Ear Shape Keyfobs for NFC entertainment

Model number: KES03
Material: Sllicon
Dimension: 60x39xT5.5mm
Color options: Red/ blue / Yellow / black/ white/ green


WRS14 dual frequency wristband with HF + UHF or LF+UHF chips

Model number: WRS14
Material: Silicon
Dimension: watch round 40mm,width 22mm, total lenght 280mm
Color options: Blue /red /orange / black / grey/ white/ Purple
Note: LF+UHF or HF + UHF Dual Frequency Type Wristband