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GYRFID specializes in the import and export of RFID products, catering to a wide range of industries and businesses worldwide. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, we provide high-quality RFID products that are designed to enhance efficiency, security, and productivity. Our extensive product line includes RFID tags, readers, and antennas, all of which are carefully selected to meet the diverse needs of our clients.



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Our Products

NFC Bracelets

RFID wristband is the extension products of normal card, which is designed for easy carrying by person in swimming pool, construction place, pub, hospital, gsm center, etc. It combines the RFID and NFC technology with good looking and practical housings, completely water-proof. GYRFID present several types of wristbands to fit different customer's demands.

Application: Hotel Resort / Music Festival / Hospital / Waterpark / Gym

NFC Keyfobs

RFID keyfob is designed for easily carry by person in daily purpose for access control. GYRFID present various kinds of keyfobs to fit different customer’s demands in various material like ABS, PC, Leather, PVC, Epoxy, Silicon etc. It supports most kinds of 125Khz and 13.56Mhz RFID chips, as well as logo printing, barcode printing, dat programming etc.

Application: Hotel Resort / Music Festival / Hospital / Waterpark / Gym

Smart Cards

Smart Cards are widely used for access control applications like campus ID card, company ID card, staff ID card, event ticket, NFC payments, etc. We provide the card with overlay on to suitable for better printing effect on zebra, evoils, fargo printers. We also provide printing service with our large printer machine in factory, printing quality is more stable and better.

Application: Campus / Office / Government / Hotel / Driver License

NFC Stickers

RFID Label and NFC Stickers is designed for various applications especially the asset tracking and NFC payment. The strength of RFID label compared with other tags is the thinner thickness,various size, flexible and cost efficient. It can be sealed inside of goods or stick on the device surface with adhesive layer. The label is also optional with anti-metal layer to mount and working on metal surface.

Application: Wine Bottle/ Jewelry /NFC payment / Tools identification


RFID Disc Tags are widely used for inventory tracking system or Automatic production systems. The RFID Disc Tag can also work on metal surface with anti-metal layer on it, also can be attached to goods surface by adhesive layer. There are abundant size options from 12mm to 50mm.

Applications: Automatic production management / Asset tracking / Inventory Tracking

Animal RFID Tags

This type of full Duplex (FDX-B) Electronic tag is designed mainly for sheep and pig, also good to large animal. The FDX-B technology is ideally suitable to the harsh environments,i.e. electrical interference, moisture, or large metal surface. All tags can be identified with entire 15 digit numeric ID, a laser numbering and a bar code on demand.

Applications: Livestock Management/ Cow / Sheep / Fish / Pigeon / Bird



What Benefits from us?

Reasonable price with reliable quality products, after-sales warranty. Whether you are distributors or system integrators, or end-user, you could find a suitable RFID products here.


Who are we?

We are a professional provider of RFID and NFC hardware products. The product line covers Rfid card, keyfob, wristband, tags, stickers, readers.


Where are we?

We are located in Shanghai, CHINA. With factory partners are covered in several cities. We could deliver goods directly to your office with fast express service.

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low to $0.1/

  • Read Distance <10CM
  • Programmable
  • Tap one by one
  • Can Read by NFC Phones


ISO18000 GEN2

low to $0.03/

  • Long Range up to 10Meter
  • Programmable
  • Multiple Reading
  • Request RFID hardware

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