• GYRFID launches pure metal NFC cards

    NFC Metal card is made of high quality pure stainless metal material with NFC PVC Sticker embedded on the top. This Premium NFC Card can be applied in business card, Loyalty gift, Hotels and resorts, Clubs, Fitness center. Why do we use NFC Metal Card? In today‚Äôs connected worlds, NFC technology makes the interactive much …

  • Wooden NFC Key cards for Hotel Resort Access

    The Eco-friendly NFC Card is made of GREEN wooden materials like bamboo, Sapele, beech, basswood, maple, cherrywood, etc. The inner component is RFID chip, then laminated with GREEN material. This Sustainable RFID Cards is ideally applied for access control, cashless payment and promotions in hotels, resorts, office buildings.These wooden RFID cards are supporting customization like …

  • rfid inlay

    RFID Label Cost raising due to shortage supply of chip and raw material

    The raw material of RFID labels like RFID chips, PVC, and paper continue to soar due to COVID-19 in 2020. Especially after the announcement of NXP semiconductors letter to mention raising prices. Due to rfid label cost inflation, Many rfid label factories in China issued a formal letter to raising rfid label price.   The …

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