RFID Case Study

2016 Germany | NFC keycard

NFC Keycard for BMW loyalty Systems

2015 Poland | NFC Sticker

NFC Posters for Public Transportation Systems in the station

2015 Kenya | NFC Sticker

NFC Stickers can be attached to metal phone case

2015 China | NFC Card Set

NFC loyalty cards packed with coupons sold in the retail shop.

2014 Italy | NFC Dog Bone Tag

NFC Dog Bone Tags for PET identifications like cats, dogs.

2014 Germany | UHF Wristband

Long Range UHF RFID Bracelets in Hospital.

2014 France | NFC Poster

NFC Posters for Retail shops promotions and advertising.

2013 USA | NFC Bracelet

NFC bracelet for Sony to used for event ticketing.