2020 Australia | UHF wristband

2020 Australia | UHF wristband

Long Range Disposal RFID Wristbands used for hospitals

2019 China | RFID watch for children

NFC wristband for campus access identification

2019 Europe | UHF Stickers

UHF Stickers Applied to package for retail shops management

2019 Europe | NFC Metal Tags

Small Size NFC Tags on Metal for Tools Management

2018 Sweden | Jewelry RFID

Jewelry rfid tag for glass or Jewelry inventory auto-counting

2018 Russia | Epoxy Keyfobs

RFID keyfobs for brand company retail loyalty systems

2017 Turkey | RFID Sticker

NFC Tamper proof Stickers for Wine Bottle

2017 France | RFID Wristband

High-Security Level RFID Wristbands for Hotel Access

2016 Thailand | RFID wristband

Dual RFID chip bracelet for GYM Center

2016 Germany | NFC keycard

NFC Keycard for BMW loyalty Systems

2015 Poland | NFC Sticker

NFC Posters for Public Transportation Systems in the station

2015 Kenya | NFC Sticker

NFC Stickers can be attached to metal phone case

2015 China | NFC Card Set

NFC loyalty cards packed with coupons sold in the retail shop.

2014 Italy | NFC Dog Bone Tag

NFC Dog Bone Tags for PET identifications like cats, dogs.

2014 Germany | UHF Wristband

Long Range UHF RFID Bracelets in Hospital.

2014 France | NFC Poster

NFC Posters for Retail shops promotions and advertising.

2013 USA | NFC Bracelet

NFC bracelet for Sony to used for event ticketing.

2013 Spain | RFID Card

RFID encrypted Cards for public transportation Systems.

2012 USA | NFC Bracelets

NFC enabled RFID wristbands for Verizon

2012 USA | Epoxy Sticker

NFC Stickers covered with Epoxy looks more sparking and nice

2011 Urkaine | RFID Tokens

High-Frequency ABS tokens are used for transportations systems

2011 Switzerland | PETG Card

PETG is eco-friend material which can be used for ticketing cards

2011 Switzerland | RFID Keycard

high-security level RFID chips for door lock device brands

2010 Korea | RFID Keycard

The special shape supports Logo Printing on for door lock brands.

2018 RFID watch for children

Combi RFID into one watch for children's daily access