RFID Wristband ? UHF Long Range

RFID Wristband ? UHF Long Range

RFID Wristband with silicon material have many color options and different shapes. The advantage of the Silicon wristband is totally water proof and flexible, it is good options for people wearing for pub, event, beach.


GYRFID launches new kind of Long range RFID bracelets which can reach up to 7meter even when people wear of it. It complied with ISO18000 6C GEN2 standard, suitable for worldwide UHF application. RFID wristband is the extension products of normal card, which is designed for easy carrying by person in swimming pool, construction place, pub, hospital, fitness center, etc. It combines the RFID and NFC technology with good looking and practical housings, completely water-proof. GYRFID present several types of wristbands to fit different customer?s demands. Material options: ABS/ PC/ Rubber/ Silicon/ Flexible Plastic / Paper/ PVC etc.

? Silk-screen printing logo/serial number
? Laser Logo/ Serial number
? Color filling
? Chip encoding

? Event ticketing
? Sport Event
? Pub
? Park

? 840-960Mhz UHF: Alien Higgs, Monza 3, Monza 4D, Monza 4QT; Monza R6P;  NXP UCODE 8



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