RFID Application

Access Control

Access control application is the basic and popular application of RFID technology. It requests an unique ID to identify persons, then define each number into the software in the system. RFID can let your gate much safe and security.

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Loyalty Payment

With a successfully Loyalty system, your business can benefit substantially from cost savings and increased sales, customer acquisitions, retention. Instead of card, keyfob & smart label becomes to be popular.

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Library Management

ISO15693 technology is popular for library system, readers can hold the ISO card for lending; the label on each book or document with information storage inside can be scanned at the gate.

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Vehicle Parking System

The paper magnetic stripe card has been the old style for Car parking control to record the time and site. Now EM4100 long range card is the mature products. Now UHF technology has been the new trend in this field, with UHF ISO card and holder on windowshield.

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Transportation System

The transportation is the largest consume application of Mifare technology, it is made into plastic card for reused; and paper card for disposable usage.

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Cable or Flowers Identifications

RFID technology has the advantage of being able to Read and Write or locked. The Cable tie tag will be locked once the tie inserted, hanging on the line goods and make it unique. It can also be used outdoor.

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Animal Management

The RFID technology has been used for cattle, sheep, pigs to identify te origin and aslo tracking up to sale to the consumer. RFID realize the animal and meat traceble all around.

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Asset Trackings

RFID technology is widely used for asset tracking to substitute barcode technology to achieve anti-counterfeiting and long range distance requirement. RFID tags could be made into various material and size to suit for different environment like metal, water and high temperature.

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Patrol Guard System

RFID Tag fixed to the wall will be scanned by security officer, the location (Unique RFID Tag number) is stored on the reader along with the time of the visit. Water proof and harsh resistant tag is suitable for this application.

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Laundry Chain

RFID laundry tag is attached to each garment, which is pre-programmed with a unique identity linked to a database holding data on garment type, size , status, owners etc. The rugged tags remain on the garments during the entire laundry process, can withstand the very high temperatures, pressures.

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Interactive NFC

NFC Tags could be adhesive on different material, not only for image instructions, but also with data programming inside to share the information with mobile phone touching. The data of wifi address, contact information, unique id, url links etc can be stored in advance.

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Logistic Tracking

With RFID technology on parcel or pallet, the speed to regist goods will be highly increased. Dozens of goods or boxes can be read in one second more than one meter range reading.

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Wooden Tracking

RFID technology has the advantage of being able to read several tracked units remotely and simultaneously. Embedded with RFID ensure full documentation available throughout the supply chain, and let you control quality at every step.

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