Dual Frequency NFC+RFID Stickers

Dual Frequency NFC+RFID Stickers

Dual Frequency Stickers are combined with NFC and UHF together. It is assembled with EM4423 chip, can achieve long-range distance up to 2.5m with UHF technology. The UHF EPC and NFC may share a common UID in one chip. These dual-frequency stickers are widely used for retail smart posters, coupons, and loyalty systems, UHF purpose is for logistic management or inventory systems.



  • SKU: LAP
  • Size: 30x30mm
  • Antenna size: 28x28mm
  • Material Options: paper /pvc/ pet
  • Frequency: 13.56Mhz + 860-960Mhz
  • Reading Range: UHF -2.5m


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