Animal RFID Tags

Animal RFID Tags

With different capsulation, RFID tags can be used for vast sphere, such as clothing, jewelry, luggage, garbage, pet identification etc. GYRFID offers various types RFID Tags with different material, size to meet different applications.

RFID Ear tags are widely used for cattles, sheep tracking management system. With RFID Tags,each animal can be identified and tracked.



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This type of full Duplex (FDX-B) Electronic tag is designed mainly for sheep and pig, also good to large animal. The FDX-B technology is ideally suitable to the harsh environments,i.e. electrical interference, moisture, or large metal surface. All tags can be identified with entire 15 digit numeric ID, a laser numbering and a bar code on demand. The manufactured eartag is developed with the most exhaustive ISO 9001:2000 quality controls.