RFID keyfob is designed for easy carry by the person for daily purposes for access control. GYRFID presents various kinds of keyfobs to fit different customers’ demands in materials like ABS, PC, Leather, PVC, Epoxy, Silicon etc. It supports most types of 125Khz and 13.56Mhz RFID chips, logo printing, barcode printing, data programming etc.
KEA- NFC keyfobs ABS: widely used type worldwide, cost affordable.
KEC- NFC keyfobs PC: luxurious and unique appearance, available with semi-transparent color.
KEL- NFC keyfobs leather: luxurious and unique appearance.
KEP- NFC keyfobs PVC: easy to be attached on rings or smartphones, can be printed with the sponsor’ s logo.
KEE- NFC keyfobs epoxy: can be printed with the sponsor’s logo, smooth touch and top-quality appearance.
KES – NFC keyfobs with lovely silicon material.
KEF – NFC Keyfobs with Robust FR4 material.

RFID Keyfob Types

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