Microfiber phone screen sticky cleaner

Microfiber sticky smartphone screen cleaner is made of microfiber and PU or silicone gel, it can be stick on to glass or screen surface, then removable for many times. Microfiber sticky cleaner is widely used for phone screen cleaning, cd cleaning, camera lenses cleaning, and sunglass cleaning. The screen cleaner is ideally for promotion and exhibition gifts distribution with logo and QR code printed on.

Product Description

CLEAN03- Cleaning card, mobile phone cleaner,phone screen sticky cleaner www.gyrfid (2)Features:
Name: microfiber phone screen sticky cleaner
Part No: CLEAN03
Material: Microfiber + PU/silicone gel
Dimensions: 30x30mm, 30x40mm, customized size
Package: 1pcs/ opp, 100pcs/ big opp bag

Personalization Support:
• Logo printing
• Unique QR code printing

• Smart phone
• Camera lenses
• Sun-glass
• PC screen
• Promotion
• Trade show


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