Clean Card for ATM and slot machine cleaning

Clean Card for ATM and slot machine cleaning

Clean Cards are recommended for preventive maintenance of ATM and slot machines. It is extremely effective for a high level of dirt collection. There are two types of Clean cards, one is wet type, the other is dry type.


Clean Card Specifications:
Clean Card material : flocked fibers/plastic core/flocked fibers
Clean Card dimensions: 54 x 86 x 0.96 mm
Clean Card dimension tolerance :
2.125 X 3.375 X 0.0357 (in Inches) thickness tolerance negative -ve 0.005866”
53.975 X 85.7 X 0.909 (in mm) thickness tolerance negative -ve 0.149mm
The above dimensions are uncompressed thickness tolerance.
Corner radius : 4 Sides.
Paper pouch Size : 83 X 127 (in mm)
Solution : alcohol free cleaner
Solution volume : 1.0 +/- 0.25
100% non-toxic, non- flammable
environmental friendly
RoHS compliance

clean card

wet clean card

ATM cleaning card

dry clean card

Personalization Support:
• Logo printing
• Unique QR code printing

All automated teller machines and credit card machines with security access systems

GYRFID Order terms:
LEADING TIME: 2weeks after the order confirmation
SHIPPING: DHL/ FEDEX/ TNT/ UPS, take 2~5working days from China to Europe/ America
PAYMENT: T/T, PayPal, Western union


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